Comet, trolls and science fiction

11.00-12.30/ 13.00-15.00
Auditorium, Children's Library & Greenhouse
Free entry

Free workshops during winter break at the Nordic house for different age groups.

Reading and writing with the Moomins

6 – 9-years

11:00 – 12:30 am

The workshop includes a guided tour through a new Moomin exhibition at the children´s library. The exhibition is an introduction to the alphabet and shows how different emotions connect to each letter. Children hear about these emotions through stories from the characters from the Moomin Valley and after each story there will be a discussion or a short game. After the tour children have the chance to create their own Moomin character and stories around them – both in drawing and writing. Those who want can put their stories in the Moomin story competition and have a change of winning Moomin related price – that will be announced the fifth of December during a family festival at the Nordic house.

Children are welcome to stay at the Children´s library after the workshop with a parent or a guardian.

Register by sending an email to with name and kennitala. Note that the registration is only valid for one day. (Same program both days)


Nature, future, matter

10-14 years

1 – 3 pm Concert hall

In this two-day workshop the children will be learning and exploring ways of preserving and mixing materials by working with sculptures and prints inspired by nature and the artworks of the exhibition TIME MATTER REMAINS TROUBLE now showing in the exhibition space Hvelfing at the Nordic House.

During the workshop children will explore materiality and the connection between art and nature through various activities, inspired by the artworks in TIME MATTER REMAINS TROUBLE.

We team up with specialist from the vegetarian restaurant SÓNÓ in the Nordic house greenhouse, where children get to explore their inner alchemist by studying different herbs and mixing their own special potion. Later we will continue to study the forms and textures in nature by making fruit and vegetable prints.

Students attending will also be encouraged to work as amateur scientist, by molding and mapping different objects from the area surrounding the house. We will investigate the objects and discuss where they are from, how they came to be and what they are now. This includes experiments with molding and sculpturing, making their own objects out of the found material. This will result in an exhibition at the entrance of the Nordic house on view through November.

Registere by sending email with full name and social security number to

Registration is valid for both days.