Manitaa House Christmas Sale


Manitaa House Christmas Sale

Manitaa House is honored to invite you this Saturday 16 November to the Nordic House in Reykjavík from 12:00 am to 4:00 pm.

All your favorite Fairtrade Craft items will be available at crazy prices, up to 50% discount.
(Earrings 1000 isk – Necklaces 1500 isk – Bracelet 800 isk, and much more).

Moreover we will be serving Traditional Fulani Tribes Menu for 2000 isk.
1. Vegan Beans Soup + Beignets with Bisap or Dakere.
2. Soya (Lamb Roti Nord Cameroon style) + Vegan Beignets with Bisap or Dakere.

Traditional Hibiscus juice (Bisap) or milk with almond (Dakere)

Kids friendly environment. Come to enjoy the good food and the nice price for your family Christmas presents.