Open meeting! Environmental actions on water and on land


Saturday the 9th March, the Nordic House offers to an event with guests, who in various ways have managed to communicate important environmental messages.

The guest will present their projects and approaches. The projects concern both Icelandic and international environmental and climate challenges.

Participant is, of course, invited to join the conversation.

 The event is in Icelandic


Guest are:

Benedikt Erlingsson, film instructor. Recipient of the Nordic Council Film Prize for; Woman at War

Rannveig Magnúsdóttir (Landvernd) and Tómas Knútsson (The Blue Army)

Representatives of the Clean Iceland Project, which was nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2018.

Sveinn Hólmar Guðmundsson. Eliding Whale Watching. Nominated for the Nordic Council Environment Prize 2018

Ólöf Björk Bragadóttir, a participant in the interdisciplinary project Konnect with art students and science students from the Nordic countries.

Moderator: Guðrún Pétursdóttir, Managing Director of Sæmundur Department of Research.

Notice: The event is in Icelandic

We offer coffee and cake. The event is free

The event is organized by the Nordic Region in focus in collaboration with the Sæmundur Institute.

Photo: Slot Machine