DoPPler – A Norwegian dance performance.


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«DoPPler can be regarded as a rare example of real interdisciplinary: Theater-based wisdom is combined with dance-tech feudal force and musical sensation, all in close collaboration with excellent musicians. In addition, the choreographer is able to express something as if it is masculine/feminine, serious/playful, and vulnerable and powerful in human interaction, contributing to this artistry as one of the most exciting choreographers of today.» From Norwegian Critics Award in 2016

Doppler is a collaboration between musician and composer, Ragnhild Furebotten and folk dancer and choreographer Sigurd Johan Heide.

The show is an unpretentious and playful study in the minds of women and men. Minds that can be equally capricious, violent, loving, bitter and caring. State of minds, that foster consequences – both the good and the bad.

Three male dancers from the Norwegian group “Kartellet” will combine athletic playfulness, folk dance and acrobatics with seriousness, banality and tenderness. Everything wrapped in an atmosphere of newly written rhythmics from Ragnhild Furebotten and Helge Norbakken.


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Inge Martin Helgesen
Eirik Fuglesteg Luksengard
Ådne Kolbjørnshus

Coreograf: Sigurd Johan Heide/Kartellet
Componist: Ragnhild Furebotten

Ragnhild Furebotten – fele
Ole Jakob Larsen– perkusjon

Performation: Kartellet
Production: Henrik Lamark/Nordland Musikkfestuke



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