19:00 - 20:00
Free entry

“Baba Karam” is a 50-minute performance and a euphoric dance party inspired by the Iranian dance of the same name.

Inspired by Iranian home parties, “mehmooni,” and the movements that amateur dancers from around the world have sent to the Ful artistic group, the group pays tribute to the potential of dance to change and enable the existence of forbidden desires and identities.

Through the popular dance of baba karam, with queer desires always present, we also want to explore drag from a perspective that does not necessarily reproduce the given truths of a white, Western drag tradition. We welcome expressions and traditions created within the diaspora and the decolonial field of thinking and art making.

In the performance, music and dance intertwine with documentary and personal stories about the impact that dance can have on people’s lives. The show is a tribute to the influential and well-known American-Iranian choreographers, Jamileh and Mohammad Khordadian, who encouraged millions of people worldwide to dance. Their work changed the perspective on what dance can achieve.

Ful is a queer feminist art collective based in Sweden that through an intersectional understanding of the art event and/or situation, produces performances, exhibitions, publications, podcasts and curates talks and meetings. Ful (founded 2008) consists of artists that are working with analysis, theory and knowledge formation through art based on queer feminist ideas, decolonial practices and postcolonial aesthetics. Ful has worked both in Sweden and internationally .

The Ful artistic group is composed of Nasim Aghili, Malin Holgersson, Rani Nair, and Hanne Lindberg.”


ACCESSIBILITY: The auditorium and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms are gender-neutral.
Language: English and Swedish.
Free entry.

The performance is  generously  supported  by  Puls  and  Globus.