Alvar Aalto Collection 80 years!


Alvar Aalto Collection 80 years!

For the anniversary of the vase, The Nordic House in Reykjavík in cooperation with Iittala in Iceland have prepared a small exhibition of the the  Aalto-vase.
The exhibition will be on display in the Nordic House foyer until May 19, 2016.

Want to win an Aalto- vase?
Additional to the exhibition, guest will have the opportunity to win a Alvar Aalto vase. But to be able to participate you must come to the Nordic House foyer.

The shape that moves
In 1936, Alvar Aalto created his classic series of glass vases. The Alvar Aalto Collection has been a staple of modern Scandinavian design and the most iconic series in the Iittala range ever since.


Alvar and Aino Aalto

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