Christmas Arts & Crafts Workshop

Christmas Arts & Crafts in Black Box 02.12–20.12

Every Wednesday (10:00 – 21:00), Saturday (11:00 – 17:00) and Sunday (11:00 – 17:00). 

Our Black Box in the basement will turn into a Christmas cave where you can visit the workshop and make your own Christmas decorations from recycled material, find, wrap and give away things that can be Christmas presents, make Christmas cards, watch a film and read Christmas books!

Here you will find materials and instructions to make simple and nice Christmas decorations of things you have at home! For example; potato stamps, christmas tree, decorated glass jar etc.
Come alone, with friends or family and have a creative moment together! You are welcome to bring empty egg cartons, glass jars, milk cartons and toilet rolls from home!

Christmas table:
If there is something on the Christmas table that you’d like to give away as a present, you can take it! Wrap it in our eco-friendly wrapping station, decorate a name tag in the workshop and done! On the table are not just goods, but also cards with activities that you can give away. Or you can make up your own activity, write it on a card and wrap it!

Do you have anything at home that you never use but think someone else would like to have? Bring it along and donate it! It could be a teddy bear, a dvd, a toy, a scarf etc.

Wrapping station:
Do you want to wrap your gifts environmentally friendly? We give you tips, ideas and material!

Christmas film:
In a small cosy corner of Black Box you can watch the Moomin film Winter in Moomin dale (in Icelandic).

Christmas nook:
Not interested in any of it? Or just tired after completing everything?
Take a rest in the nook and read a Christmas book ?

Click here for the full Christmas program from 1/12 – 20/12 at the Nordic House.

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