Tónleikar & Vinyl markaður Norræna hússins

14:00 -18:30

Safnar þú vinyl og kannt að meta góða tónlist?  

Það verður hugguleg stemning á Vinyl markaði Norræna hússins á laugardaginn 4. nóvember frá kl. 14:00- 17:00. Lifandi tónlist hefst kl. 15:00 með Gleðikonurnar. Hljómsveitina skipa þær Elísa og Selma sem getið hafa sér gott orð fyrir fallegar melodíur og skemmtilega texta. Bergmál taka við kl. 16:00 með óviðjafnalegri gleði að sjálfsögðu. Klukkan 17:00 fáum til okkar Maríu Magnúsdóttur tónlistargúru, Mimra eins og hún kallar sig spilar heillandi elíktónískt popp. Síðast en ekki síst spila RSP & Thomax, norsku hipphoppararnir sem slegið hafa í gegn í heimalandi sínu með nýjustu plötu sinni „Dykkersyke“. Plötur verða seldar allan tímann á meðan á tónleikum stendur.

Vínyl markaðurinn er frá 14:00 – 17:00 

Tónleikar frá 15:00 – 18:30

17:00 MIMRA
18:00 RSP & Thomax (NO)

Ókeypis er inn á tónleikana. ath! Að á vinyl markaðnum er aðeins tekið á móti reiðufé.

Start: 15:00
Gleðikonurnar is an up-and-coming band that emerged from a tiny dark basement apartment in Reykjavik on May 10th 2017. From the dark arose the overly joyful and almost annoyingly happy sound of polka and klezmer. At first the band members were three; Helga Thoroddsen on the clarinet, Elísabet Thoroddsen on the banjolele and Linda Guðmundsdóttir on the accordion. Soon they added a much-needed drama to the equation, when the double bass player Páll Ármann Pálsson and percussionist Salka Guðmundsdóttir joined them. Despite being a young band, Gleðikonurnar has played in various venues in Iceland and continues to play overly joyous folk music with a hint of drama from all over the world, hoping to leave their audience with a smile on their dancing shoes and a big Mazel Tov in their hearts!

Start: 16:00
The comedy band Bergmál consists of singers and songwriters Elísa Hildur and Selma, who provoke the audience with strange but funny subjects they find urgent in the world of today.
Their program is performed in English with uplifting melodies with a comic twist to lighten the spirits of the audience!



Start: 17:00
MIMRA is the guise of Icelandic singer, composer and producer María Magnúsdóttir. Her music could best be described as electro-acoustic folk pop or orchestral pop. MIMRA performs her multi dimensional arrangements as a solo act on stage. She brilliantly sings along to electronic beats and soothing synths, using loop pedals and keyboards to her aid with brilliant results. MIMRA will be joined by multi-instrumentalist and trumpet player Sylvía Hlynsdóttir specially for the Iceland Airwaves festival.

„MIMRA ambitiously sows numerous genres and sounds together to great effect, expertly maneuvering between delicate sparseness and powerful vivacity. Her vocals are astounding, both in terms of range and dexterity, and function as the glue which unifies the eclecticism of her music. The passion and strength of MIMRA’s voice simply cannot be ignored and aligns her with the best of them.“ -A.Woolaver, musicologist-

For fans of: Feist, Bat for Lashes, Laura Mvula.


Start: 18:00

RSP & Thomax is a hip-hop duo consisting of Patrick Bottolfsen (RSP) and Thomas Nygård (Thomax). They have been active since 2008, with what started as a sideproject which has gradually ended up as their foremost venture.

They have released 4 EP’s, steadily gaining in popularity, and are visiting Iceland Airwaves to promote their music and new album, set to release in 2018. The group is known for including their fans and advocating a humble and down to earth attitude towards music. Their songs sample a lot of local obscure folk-music, which makes room for introspective rap and creates an unique ambience. Firmly anchored in Northern Norwegian culture, the group is looking forward to visiting Iceland and expanding their arctic reach. No need to bring a norwegian dictionary as we’re certain the music translates well.