Aðgangur ókeypis

PIKKNIKK #2: The Nordic House summer concert series` second act is Ólöf Rún! Welcome on Sunday 30th of June at 3pm. Free entry as always and bring your friends!

Ólöf Rún is a singer and producer. Her approach to music creation is from the perspective of a producer – she uses recordings, samples, and synths to create a dreamy and electrified sound world which she weaves together with finely crafted lyrics. The lyrics, drawing inspiration from folklore and the poetic craft of songwriters, tell stories of longing to escape from the world’s worries, of shadowy creatures lost in darkness, and of strange and surreal events. They paint a dreamy, mysterious world and invite the listener to linger there for a while, while electrified tones float through the air.

Öll Velkomin!

Hægt er að versla veitingar hjá SÓNÓ og taka með sér út. 

PIKKNIKK tónleikasería ársins er skipulögð af José Luis Anderson.