Aðgangur ókeypis

PIKKNIKK #4: The Nordic House summer concert series` fourth act is KHAIRKHAN! Welcome on Sunday 14th of July at 3pm. Free entry as always and bring your friends!

Khairkhan is an Inner Mongolian musician from the Khorqin Tribe in the east side of Inner Mongolia. He grew up in the famous Khorqin grasslands with various music education in the past. He focuses on traditional Mongolian instruments such as morin khuur, tsuur and tovshuur, also he focuses on Mongolian throat singing as one of his main performances. The folk music he
plays is mainly from Khorqin region, where a great amount of Mongolian folk music and genres were born.

Currently Khairkhan is trying to create a new concept of Mongolian folk music mixed with modern elements, as a 21st century nomad lives in the city, there is a meaning of keeping the roots passed down through thousand years but in a modern method.

Öll Velkomin!

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PIKKNIKK tónleikasería ársins er skipulögð af José Luis Anderson.