Oumuamua – the post-anthropocentric sound of the world

Aðgangur ókeypis

OUMUAMUA is a dialogical experiment that investigates the extent to which our perception of musical traditions and even of sounds can be freed from constricting cultural attributions and evaluations.

Through a radical shift in perspective, it creates sonic (dis)orders, on the basis of which a hierarchy-free, anarchic, post-anthropocentric communication between the sound sculpture and its opposite becomes possible. OUMUAMUA is a sonic archive that collects the sounds and stories people share with and a digital musical instrument at the same time.

In interaction with the musician Marc Sinan and by the impulses of the audience a constantly changing sonic grammar emerges. The human sounds, movements and touches compose acoustic and performative expressions in interaction with OUMUAMUA – a post-anthropocentric reflection of our world.

Become part of this experiment and share your most precious stories, your most secret wishes or your most beautiful sounds with OUMUAMUA.

OUMUAMUA will conserve it for a new future.

Artistic Direction / Guitar:  Marc Sinan

Sound Design: Gerriet K. Sharma (IKO), Karsten Lipp

Video: Mirko Borscht


A programme funded by the Embassy of Germany in Reykjavik as a contribution to Goethe Morph.