Crime novel (Danish)
Katrine Engberg: Vådeskud, 2019

This book is the fourth in the series about the police investigative team Jeppe Kørner and Anette Werner as well as the helpful, retired literature professor Esther De Laurenti. A new disappearance case annoys the police investigators and lurks to the reader’s dismay as a teenage boy disappears leaving a strange (farewell) letter; is he abducted or has he taken his own life? The boy’s wealthy family has many secrets and challenges the police investigation, which comes well around today’s Copenhagen on land and at sea. Kørner and Werner are a quirky and vulnerable duo whose private life develops very differently through the four volumes Krokodillevogteren (2016), Blodmåne (2017) and Glasvinge (2018). As a reader, you are lead astray along the way, but at the end of the book, you are delighted with the once again cleverly crafted plot of the author. A good crime series that fully lives up to what you can expect from the genre.

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