Crime novel (Danish)
Søren Svejstrup: Kastanjemanden, 2018

The two police investigators from the Copenhagen Police’s Department of Homicide, the young and ambitious Naia Thulin and the career-parked Mark Hess with the sad past, are busy getting back on track with an otherwise completed investigation into the alleged murder of the Minister of Social Affairs. The story of the leftover chestnuts at various murder scenes is gruesome, and there are many parallel intelligent clues put out by the author. The crime novel is well-written and well thought out, and you have to search long for a well-composed plot like this – this is a book you do not put away until night has turned into day, for the like of a well-orchestrated and multifaceted course of action is not often seen! Svejstrup was also the screenwriter on the TV series Nikolaj og Julie and Forbrydelsen – do you remember The Killing?

Pictures from Arnoldbusk and politikensforlag