Henning Jensen

Gennem glasvæggen

Novel (Danish)
Henning Jensen: Gennem glasvæggen, 2020

The well-known and award-winning actor openly and honestly showcases the darkest and most life-changing experiences of his life: as a 36-year-old, successful but overworked royal actor, he steps through the glass wall of the real world towards the abyss of the mind, while a year of turbulent descent to the hell of anxiety and depression and on the verge of suicide he rages around self-appointed therapists before finally coming into treatment with psychopharmica drugs, saving his live and returns to the other side of the glass wall. Read a linguistically beautiful and dramatic description of the vulnerability of the mind when things go really wrong and the madness shuts you out inside and out at the same time. Get an insight into Danish theater life with relentless adult bullying, which can executively undress even the most arrogant of its self-esteem. Well-meaning but self-absorbed therapists get a proper fur, while the real friends and skilled psychiatrists and health professionals receive eternal thanks from a humble Henning Jensen, who still many years later recognizes death alive on the other side of an all-consuming depression and anxiety.