Creative, energetic and vibrant!

Since the Nordic House opened in 1968 children and their families have always been most welcome to enjoy the house. The Nordic House has a fantastic children’s library that is very popular amongst the younger guests. The surroundings of the house is adventurous with birds, fauna and nice walking paths. The Nordic House offers a diverse children culture events with focus on creativity, quality and a relaxed environment.


The Children’s Library

In the children’s library, you’ll find children’s literature in seven Nordic languages and meet world famous characters like Pippi Longstocking and the Moomins. The library is also a beautiful playing area with games, giant LEGO building blocks, a small castle to climb and much more! Snuggle up with a book in one of the library’s cozy corners, play, discover and have fun!

Outside playing area

The Nordic House outside playing area is a beautiful spot in Vatnsmýrin where you can play, enjoy fresh air and learn about the the bird variety in Reykjavík city centre.