The War Show (FIN/DK/SYR)


The War Show (FIN/DK/SYR)

Scheduled: Wednesday, March 15th, 17:00

Syrian radio host Obaidah Zytoon and her friends are caught up in the euphoria of the 2011 Arab Spring. Camera in hand, these artists and activists take to the streets to protest Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and record their experiences. They talk about art and relationships as much as politics. But as they film themselves over the next several years, their hopes for a better future are tested by violence, imprisonment, and death.

“Everyone in the world should see this film” “Movies is about showing the human, this film does that.” – Jury statement at the Venice Days film festival, where The War Shows recieved the 2016 Venice Days Award.


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PROGRAM  Nordic Film Festival 2017


Premiere: 2016

Director: Andreas Møl Dalsgaard and Obaidah Zytoon

Genre: Documentary

Playtime: 1h 40 min.