In the project Transition, patterns, material, methods and process is allowed to take the lead. Hanna Dís shows an insight into the journey of patterns travelling between materials and the transition that take place within it.

In the experimental project Transition, patterns are allowed to shape objects and furniture.
Each pattern allows for many different designs depending on how much of it is used and how it is arranged. It goes from being just a decoration on the surface to shaping the usability itself. Therefore ceases to be unnecessary and becomes an object in itself. On its journey through various materials, digital into tangible, transition occurs. Something hard becomes soft, something that used to be shaped into a square can become a soft circle, a digital element can become part of something handmade. Within the regular patterns an unexpected irregularity occurred which became part of the process. Objects are made from digital printed textile, wool, clay and wood.

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Hanna Dís Whitehead