Environmentally friendly diets! Plant-based food with Guðrún Sóley


28th of February at 20-22, Ungir umhverfissinnar and Norræna húsið/Norðurlönd í fókus will host an event about environmentally friendly diets. The event begins with a lecture about the environmental impacts of diets from Alexandra Kjeld, environmental engineer. After that, the gourmet Guðrún Sóley Gestsdóttir will teach us how to make two environmentally friendly plant-based dishes from Icelandic ingredients. So this is the perfect opportunity to learn more about environmentally friendly food and how to cook it!


The event will be in Icelandic. Entrance is free but you have to book tickets at tix.is/see above the tix ”button” in the event.

Limited seating!


Alexandra Kjeld

Alexandra has many years of experience in a so-called life-cycle analysis in which the environmental impacts of a product or service are evaluated throughout their lifecycle. This analysis encompasses the environmental impacts of production and processing of resources, their transportation, operation or usage and finally their disposal or recycling.

Alexandra will cover the existing knowledge about the environmental impacts of different diets, especially in regards to greenhouse gasses or the carbon footprint of different foods.


Guðrún Sóley

Grænkerakrásir Guðrúnar Sóleyjar is the first book of the media person and gourmet Guðrún Sóley Gestsdóttir. The recipes are diverse, delicious and all-vegan. Guðrún will teach us how to make two simple courses from the book along with educating us about its ingredients, which are of course Icelandic.

The event will be on the ground floor. Automatic opening (electric button) at the entrance of the building.

Please contact us if you have any accessibility needs.