WORKSHOP: Color Up Peace

13:00 - 15:00
Free entry

You are warmly invited to the workshop “Color Up Peace: Image Transformations as Peaceful Futures Design”.

This workshop is organized by the Ukrainian peacebuilding startup Color Up Peace, which since 2016 uses visual artistic innovation as peacebuilding and freedom-building strategies. Color Up Peace has implemented activities in about 15 countries, created and implemented a special year-long support program for Ukrainians in Finland, and now the project is coming to Reykjavik! No prior art-making experience is required to participate. While the project has an emphasis on supporting Ukraine, people of different backgrounds are welcome and insights from the work of Color Up Peace in other countries will also be shared. The workshop will be in English, with Ukrainian translation if needed.

During the workshop, you will be able to:
•  Do artistic activities – color, draw, watch photographs and visit a virtual exhibition.
•  Learn why and how these activities could be used to strategically support and develop freedom and peace.
•  Get presents – special and dedicated to Ukraine coloring books by Color Up Peace.
•  Build a community with other participants.
•  Get online resources for further peacebuilding and freedom-building work.


Accessibility to Elissa (auditorium) is good. Accessible and gender neutral restrooms are on the same floor.