Trio Allure


The Danish Clarinet Trio was established in 2016 by three of the leading chamber musicians in Scandinavia, Tommaso Lonquich (clarinet), Jonathan Slaatto (cello) and Martin Qvist Hansen (piano). The New York Times has praised their performance´s “undercurrents of urgency” and “brilliant effects”. On the program is a brand new piece by Sunleif Rasmussen, one of the foremost contemporary composers from the Faroe Islands, “Three Phrygian Gardens”. Then Three phantasy pieces by N.W. Gade, Adagio, and Allegro for Cello and piano by R. Schumann, Trio in g minor by Clara Schumann and Trio op. 114 by J. Brahms. The Trio has excelled in staples of the clarinet trio repertoire by Beethoven and Brahms while also shining a light on neglected or unknown scores, introducing audiences the world
over to works by Danish composers. They have appeared on tour in Canada, Italy, Brazil, The USA, and the UK. In 2018, the trio was invited to reside at the BBC’s Belfast International Arts Festival as Ensemble-in-Residence.

Tickets are kr. 3.000, kr. 2.000 for seniors, for students and guests under the age of twenty.
Tickets available on and at the entrance.

The concert series Klassík í Vatnsmýrinni (Classics in the moorlands) is organised in collaboration between the Icelandic Soloist Society and the Nordic House and places great emphasis on Scandinavian and international cooperation.