18.8 2016 – 11. 9 2016

Welcome to the opening of „Extract“ in the Nordic House’s foyer thursday 18.8. at 5 pm.
The Nordic house welcomes you with a glass of vine.

The exhibition extract is a description of a chosen area, 9 x 9 x 9 meters on an uninhabited island – Geldinganes a little north of Reykjavik – seen, experienced and interpreted by the visual artists Berit Jansson (NO/DK), Inge-Lise Ravn (DK) and Bodil Sohn (DK). Three artists each with their own artistic practice and with a common starting point: The Jutland Art Academy, Aarhus (DK), where they met in the early 1980’ies. There they acquired a preoccupation with nature and an interest in the essence and magic of places.

berit jansson sýning

Extract is not a scientific research of a place and is not a naturalistic description. On the contrary it is a visual investigation of a possible scanning and interpretation of the limited space expressed in images, colours, forms and materiality/texture. Focus is on an understanding of the fact that nature has its own history, its own language, poetry and magic. Some of it is visible, but most of it is invisible.
Can art be used as a tool to visualize the unknown, the unfamiliar, so that we – in dialogue with nature – can achieve comprehension of the strength and the vulnerability, that we humans have in common with nature?

The art pieces of the exhibition are created as a whole and are especially made for the exhibition in the Nordic House. They have been carried out during an Artist-in-Residence stay at SÍM Korpúlfsstaðir Residency in June 2016.

A special thanks to:

The Association of Icelandic Visual Artists, SÍM (IS)
The Nordic House, Reykjavik (IS)
Stiftelsen Clara Lachmanns Fond (S)
Lund/Bugge Fonden (DK)
Danish Arts Foundation (DK)
Velux Fonden (DK)