The Weather Diaries: Creative writing workshop for children


The Weather Diaries: Stories from the North

Creative writing workshop for children

The Icelandic author Gerður Kristný uses the magical world of The Weather Diaries exhibition as inspiration for a creative writing workshop for children. The exhibition is full of mysterious stories that are waiting to be told …

In the workshop children aged 9-14 will get an opportunity to let their imagination loose and write their own stories based on the mesmerising world of The Weather Diaries that is home to dragons, hairy creatures and not-quite-ordinary twins. The exhibition is created by artist duo Cooper & Gorfer in close collaboration with well known designers and artists from Iceland, Greenland and the Faroe Islands. Cooper & Gorfer seek much of their inspiration from 18th and 19th century painting and their work contains an adventurous world filled with stories. It is like Cooper & Gorfer have settled in a new land where the surroundings are familiar yet strangely exotic. Like other good storytellers they are not afraid to spice up their tales: the story serves as base and the artists create the magical atmosphere with layers of texture and symbolism. And then it is up to the viewer to read between the lines and make his or her own interpretations.

Workshop language: Icelandic. Max 25 participants per workshop, registration on

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