The Latvian School invites you to a ball!

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The Latvian school invites families and children specially to celebrate Latvia’s birthday!

In November in 1918, the independent state of Latvia was proclaimed, which makes this month a very special and cheerful time for Latvians. Therefor the Latvian school in Reykjavík would like to invite children and families to the Nordic House for a celebration of Latvia’s birthday.

At the event people will get the chance to learn about Latvian culture and get to know people with Latvian background living in Iceland. The aim is also to offer insight into this special celebration and festive activities and we hope everyone will dress up in their most festive clothes and celebrate this wonderful Latvian holiday with us!

The Latvian school in Reykjavík has been hosting classes at the Nordic house this winter and is in collaboration with the house after the Baltic Countries Children’s festival was held at the Nordic house in April. The school has been working since February 2014. It offers space, time, and togetherness to use, learn, practice, and celebrate Latvian language and culture in Reykjavik. All the work is based on voluntary effort of parents and family members of our children as well as contribution of other supporters from society in Iceland, Latvia and worldwide.

The event will be multilingual – English, Icelandic and Latvian – everyone is very welcome to join the celebration and get insight into Latvian culture.

Please register by sending name and social surity number to hrafnhildur@nordichouse.isec

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