The Christmas Cat’s Trail: Puppet show

15:00 - 16:00
Free entry

Jólakattarins Slóð/The Christmas Cat’s Trail is a 40-minute-long puppet show celebrating the Icelandic Yule Lads, Grýla, Leppalúði, and the Christmas cat through the eyes of a visiting American and his dog. 

The show will be performed with hand puppets and string puppets, with live music from the banjo and harmonica. The show will be in English and is recommended for families.

Mark Blashford specializes in traditional puppet performance, including: marionette, shadow, rod, and hand puppetry. As a trained puppet builder, Mark received his MFA in the Puppet Arts from the University of Connecticut in 2017. He has also studied in Germany, the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom. Formerly based in Chicago, USA, Mark has lived in Reykjavik since September 2022. He is an instructor in Bernd Ogrodnik’s Academy of the Wooden Puppet. Blashford performs in the States as Rootstock Puppet Co. and in Iceland as Flóki Brúðuleikhús. His mission is to craft and perform puppet theatre rooted in stories that promote mutual kindness and ecological awareness for the good of people and their environment.

ACCESSIBILITY: The Auditorium and bathrooms are wheelchair accessible. Bathrooms are gender-neutral.