Surtsey – performance


One morning, the island shakes.
The kids are on fire in their bedrooms.
The shivers come from far below the sea.
An underwater volcano wakes up.
For the years coming, the volcano will be on fire on the ocean,
and the kids shake away from the island,
-little by little.

The story of Surtsey goes like this: Two teenagers in a boat on the ocean. It is mid summer, midnight sun, and then a sudden darkness. Fire rises from the ocean.

Surtsey artwork, Surtseyart, is a series of happenings for stages, which had its kick-off at The Nordic House in August 2019, and since then happened three times in Reykjavik and Oslo. This accumulative art series will have its grand, final show at The Nordic House in October this fall. And as preparation, the Surtseyart crew is in Reykjavik now, making new scenes.

In collaboration with students from Myndlistskulinn Reykjavik, the prize-winning director, filmmaker, musician and author Jon Tombre, Maria Lloyd, Sondre Pettersen and Mette Karlsvik will show work-under-construction at The Nordic House Thursday 13th of February at 5 PM. After the show you are all invited to stay for a gathering and a conversation about art, adolescence and elfjell!

Event by Jon Tombre og Mette Karlsvik.