Design Learning for teachers with SuoMu


Design Learning for teachers with SuoMu

Wednesday March 22nd  10:00-12:30.

Open for teachers. Please sign up by sending an email to: 

The seminar is for free and will be in english. 

Do you want to get some inspiration on how to use design as a tool in your teaching?

The Finnish Association of Design Learning, SuoMu, has a series of events in the Nordic House during the design festival DesignMarch. This day is targeted the teachers. You can be inspired by how they do things in Finland and learn more about how you can use design thinking as a tool in your own teaching.


10:00-11:00: Design learning news from Finland

11:00-12:30: Worshop: Design learning as a tool in teaching

There will be a MutKu-cake poster for all participants.

SuoMu’s open source materials for shools can be found here:

About SuoMu

The Finnish Association of Design Learning promotes the use of design education in different teaching platforms, leisure activities, and among the general public. SuoMu works in co-operation with various educational and cultural actors. The design education in both the primary and advanced level highlights the prevalence of design in all its aspects of our everyday life and makes the processes of design itself visible.

SuoMu produces contents, such as design workshops and lectures for schools and different cultural events. They kicked off the The Mutku-project in 2012 – a project about design learning for elementary school – which resulted as a design education guide book: ”Mutku” for primary school teachers, published in 2014.

In the years 2016-2017 the Finnish primary schools are adjusting their new curriculum – and design learning will play a bigger part in learning.