Street View (Reassembled) – Reykjavík Arts Festival

The exhibition opens on the 4th of June at 17:00. Light refreshments will be served. Everyone is welcome!

This artwork, by the Finnish artist Anssi Pulkkinen consists of ruins of a destructed home which has been shipped from Syria by sea to Europe. The material has been sourced from destroyed Syrian homes with the full consent of the owners of the property and building matters. The remains of these homes contain concrete parts of walls, floor, stairs, and roofing from the site, but it will not be possible to identify the exact locationor history of the house itself.

Pulkkinen creates a caravan-like installation from the ruins. A wrecked house symbolises the loss of home at many levels.
It portrays homelessness at a universal, humane level and at the same time speaks its own concrete language of the lost history of one real family.


The exhibition takes plays outdoors in front of The Nordic House.


Reykjavik Arts Festival worked closely with the Red Cross and The Nordic House for a programme of context :

Anssi Pulkkinen Artist Talk : 5 June at 5 PM at the Nordic House
Musical Journeys : 5 June at 9 PM in Festival Hub
Pillow Talk peformances : 7 June 5-8 PM / 8 June 10 AM-8 PM / 9 June 10 AM-6 PM at the Nordic House
Story Circle: 10 June at 2 PM in Nordic House
The Right to Home Seminar : 12 June at 5 PM in Festival Hub
Arabic Foodfest : 16 June at 6 PM in Nordic House
Arabian Night : 16 June at 9 PM in Festival Hub