Slow Food: Sami Christmas Cuisine


Sustainable, free-range and zero-waste are examples of upcoming food trends in the world right now. The trends are vital, as they create awareness of the value of food and an inherited respect for the planet we live on.

This trend, however, is old news for the indigenous Sami people. The Sami have lived off their surrounding nature for hundreds, probably thousands of years, and sustainability has always been incorporated into their natural way of life.

Together, famous Sami TV-chef Maret Ravdna Buljo and renowned Icelandic TV-chef Sveinn Kjartansson are co-hosting this year’s Christmas gourmet event in The Nordic House.

You will hear about the Sami way of life and their perspective on hunting and gathering. The reindeer is central to Sami Cuisine as well as their whole society and way of life, and nothing is wasted. Get practical advice, tips and recipes on how to better use the rich ingredients available in our cold northern climate. You can also get a taste of Maret’s own cooking.

//sorry, the event is fully booked//

The event is limited to 60 people. Registration at with a registration fee of 1500 ISK. Registration opens on November 20th at The event will be in English.

Maret will also be the guest-chef at the Aalto Bistro Christmas Buffet Saturday, Dec. 8th, with a Sami Christmas food theme. Table reservations at The menu will be available at

About Maret Ravdna Buljo

Many are familiar with the Sami TV-chef Maret Ravdna Buljo from the hit-series “SMAKER FRÅN SÀPMI” (Tastes from Sápmi”), shown on e.g. SVT and NRK, which are the largest TV stations in Sweden and Norway.

Maret is passionate about maintaining Sami traditions and passing on her knowledge, while simultaneously experimenting with local foraging. For centuries, the Sami custom has been to use the whole of the game, gathered from hunting excursions. Foraged berries, herbs and plants from the cold, arctic climate is also a vital part of the cooking process. Maret presents how you can use raw materials in both traditional and modern ways of cooking.

Maret resides in Lödingen in Northern Norway. She runs an restaurant and a reindeer farm, Buazovassi.


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The event is supported with funding from the Norwegian-Icelandic cooperation Fund and organized by the Nordic Region in Focus programme.