18:00 - 20:00
Free entry
We invite you to watch:🎥Eating Up Easter” documentary of the Plastic Oceans

Short description:
Modern dilemma of people who risk losing everything to the globalizing effects of tourism. The film follows four islanders, who are working to tackle the consequences of their rapidly developing home. Mama Piru leads recycling efforts to reduce trash, Mahani and Enrique use music to reunite their divided community, and Sergio tries to understand the motivations of his father who embraces the advantages of building new businesses. These stories intertwine to reveal the complexities of development and the contradictions within us all as we are faced with hard choices about our planet’s future.Entrance is free of charge, however, the seats will be given by the concept of first come, first served.A discussion will take place after the screening.

18:00 Eating Up Easter documentary screening
19:20 Discussion with Gunnar Þór Jóhannesson, proffesor at Faculty of Life and Environmental Sciences, Univesity of Iceland and Irene Pruna Soler, Marketing specialist at Eco-certified sustainable branches of HÍ.

Topics covered in discussion: Environmental Impact of Tourism, Sustainability, Waste Management, Loss of Cultural Identity, Globalization

This screening provides an ideal setting for a profound exploration and exchange of ideas. Don’t miss this opportunity to be a part of an important conversation.

Accessibility: Elissa Auditorium is accessible for wheelchairs, accessible and gender neutral restrooms are on the same floor. Language: The event will be in English.