RIFF 2021 at the Nordic House


The 18th edition of Reykjavík film festival occurs between 30.09.-10.10.2021, and the program includes a plethora of films, events, and activities. The special focus of this year will be on Music in Film and the Netherlands, thus a selection of new, compelling, Dutch films and short films will be screened at Dutch Focus. Undoubtedly, the programme also includes the usual RIFF categories. The majority of the screenings will take place in Bio Paradis and the Nordic House.

RIFF Industry Days is a series of events and talks held during the festival. Their prime objective is to create a platform for the exchange and circulation of ideas and promotion between the Icelandic and international film industry, with an emphasis on the Nordic region. The main Industry Days events will be held at the Nordic House, recorded and streamed live online. Registration is required for all events.


RIFF at the Nordic House

Thursday 30.10.21


Friday 01.10.21


Saturday 02.10.21


Sunday 03.10.21


Monday 04.10.21


Wednesday 06.10.21    Music Day


Thursday 07.10.21    Dutch Day

  • 14:00 – 17:00   Producers Day
  • 16:30                 Dutch Reception

Friday 08.10.21

Saturday 09.10.21


Sunday 10.10.21



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