The power of thoughts According to the Grail Message


 Lecture in English by Christopher Vasey


Reading of an excerpt from the Grail Message in Icelandic

If there is one activity in which we are very often engaged in, it is thinking. We even think continuously. Thoughts are so much part of our life that what they are should be very clear to us. And yet, as soon as we try to define them, they become elusive. How, indeed, are we to define thoughts?

In this lecture, the speaker, basing himself on the knowledge of the spiritual work “In the Light of Truth, the Grail Message” by Abd-ru-shin, will show that as soon as thoughts are emitted, they are shaped in the beyond into a form of ethereal matter. These forms, called “thought-forms”, represent exactly the content of the thoughts.

The existence of thought-forms enables us to explain logically many things which, otherwise, would be incomprehensible, such as transmission of thoughts, simultaneous discoveries, fixed ideas, inspiration, crowd psychology, etc.

Man is first of all a thinking being. He should be more conscious of the powerful influence he has through his thoughts.

Entrance fee: 500 ISK


Organisator: Stiftung Gralsbotschaft



Phone: 842 2552


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