PLAY HOUSE: Family workshop during DESIGN MARCH

Free entry

The whole family is welcome to participate in a workshop where a playhouse will be built with papier-mâché blocks, cardboards, wood and other materials.

The workshop consists of a station where guests can do their own blocks which they then add to a model of a playhouse- to help finish with the construction.

With this children and families get the chance to think about building materials being currently used, and if they are sustainable and durable. They become a part of the sustainable change – building a better world, one block at a time.

Saturday 6th May at 10-12
Sunday 7th of May 1-3pm

The workshop is free of charge and everyone is welcome!

Languages are Portuguese, English and Norwegian. It is a hands-on workshop, so people speaking any language should be able to join and understand the activity.

The teacher of the workshop is Neuza Valadas. Neuza is a Portuguese architect, tutor and researcher. She is currently living in Reykjavík while developing her Ph.D. at the University of Iceland under the title “Climate Sustainable Cities: construction using carbon negative materials and regenerative methods”. 

The workshop is hosted by The Nordic House in collaboration with Design March.