Free entry

PIKKNIKK: The Nordic House summer concert series continue with Sara Flindt Sunday 2nd July. The concert will take place in the Greenhouse at 3pm. Free entry as always and bring your friends!



Danish-born and Iceland-based, Sara Flindt was shaped by a childhood in a forest and speaks to us now from her home on a windswept rock. She uses sound to move between worlds: between landscapes, dreamscapes, and technospheres. Using a homemade pedal board, Sara Flindt transforms her voice into both an expression of herself and an object outside herself. In her music, senses and dreams compete with memory in a way that is both disorienting and revealing, and Sara Flindt blends the organic and the technological with a playfulness that is as vulnerable as it is mystical.

Listen to her music here.

This years Pikknikk concert series is curated by José Luis Anderson.

Refreshments can be purchased in SÓNÓ restaurant to enjoy outside.