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CHAOS is a photo exhibition for vocational education students in the Nordic countries. The NU exhibitions have been held yearly since 2017 by Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum in Helsinki.

The aim of the project is to network and develop media & art education in the Nordic countries and give students and schools a platform to meet and get visibility and to promote themselves. Since the year 2016 we have had the pleasure to collaborate with over hundred students from Sweden, Norway, Iceland and Finland.

Each year we thrive to find new methods to collaborate and share educational experiences between the schools among the teachers that are involved with the project. This year’s theme is CHAOS.

The project is open to new partner schools from the Nordic countries also in the future. NU24 CHAOS is a collaboration between Yrkesinstitutet Prakticum (FIN), LBS Kreativa Gymnasiet, Schillerska gymnasiet (SE), Tækniskólinn (IS) and Horten VGS (NO).

Nearing the Abyss
by A. D. Coleman

“The English language borrows the word chaos from the Greek word that means “abyss.” And, as philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche proposed, “[I]f you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you.”

“Chaos” serves as the chosen theme for this 2024 edition of an established, annual, collaborative exhibition of work by a cross-section of young Nordic photography students.”

Read the entire intro text by A.D. Coleman here. 





Media teacher:
Nina Sederholm

Mikael Issakainen
Emmy Nyström
Rasmus Suomi


Media teacher:
Sigrún Sæmundsdóttir

Einar Ingi Ingvarsson
Karitas Sveina Guðjónsdóttir
Sveinn Hartvig Ingólfsson
Birta Björgvinsdóttir


Media teacher:
Rita Myrseth

Thea Sofie Gleditsch Stabell
Solveig Stenborg
Erika Anouch Abrahamsen Anfreville
Ingrid Alvine Løvaas Roksvaag


Media teacher:
Sara Samuelsson
Simon Joel Rydén
Andreas Hultberg

Milo Bergman
Nora Fröberg
Jennifer Hallberg
Simon Johannesson Tanggaard
Isabelle Ten

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