Namm, namm, namm – List Events


Jamm, Namm, Sko, Oh the event series is an extension of the art show Go which takes place in the Nordic House from the 1st December to the 12th of January.

In the series of events, well-selected artists will dig deeply into contemporary consumer culture and/or its impact on our environment and way of life through their work in the Nordic House.

Every Sunday in Advent is focused on a particular subject and a third on Advent is direct at the sea of production or Namm, namm, namm.

„It works out for us. Shit in every corner, no matter how often the floors are crossed. We grab the plastic in the wind and hang it in the windows, amidst light lines. Multicultural people in the hot dog at the invitation”


Video Art:

Smaranda Ursuleanu – (For a Healthy Lifestyle) Exercise at least 30 minutes every day.
Experimental video work, by Romanian visual artist Smaranda Ursuleanu, which consists of Eastern European television material that was a prominent manifestation of the rise of capitalism in that area after the fall of communism.


Wiola Ujazdowska – I am only cleaning here.
I am only cleaning here is a 4-5 hours work which involves cleaning the Nordic House by the artist. In the performance, Wiola discusses the social and economic position of Eastern European immigrants in a working class as himself an Eastern European artist in Iceland.

Sonja Covacevic – Vagninn
Is a food experience and action that deals with Icelandic society through food. They offer special versions of the Icelandic sausage, which is inspired by cultural groups living in Iceland. The trailer is an attempt to increase the flow of ideas and knowledge about different cultural cultures in Iceland and to do so in a lively and entertaining way.

Birkir Mar Hjaltested – brenndur
@branded comes every Sunday to chat with guests about each other and provides insight into their influential lives. Come to the Nordic House on Sundays and get a self-signed photo or other merchandise.

Sólbjört Vera – Bragð
Between 15 – 17 every Sunday, you are invited to come and taste with me. Come for a taste-brunch!
Looking forward to seeing you.

Gréta Jónsdóttir – Svið árangur m. stúku
Greetings from the artist: Welcome! Please get yourself a drink and make yourself comfortable in the seat or just as you feel best. I want to thank everyone who is here thanks for coming and celebrating with me at this great moment. This day is a very big and huge achievement in my life. I really appreciate that you’ve decided to stay here with me to encourage me. You are here for me as my friends and family but also my guests at this moment. It’s not often that people get to celebrate such great milestones and achievements. If I were to compare this to something, it would be similar to winning the Olympic gold or getting a decent prize.

Please note that: The Wagon is different from the other acts in that it starts at. 17:00 and costs ISK 1,670. The Wagon is an interactive food experience in which Icelandic society is viewed through food and food culture. It offers special variations of the classic Icelandic sausage, inspired by the various cultural groups living in Iceland – wrapped in a global food experience.. Tickets on .