Make an environmental impact: mini bin workshop w/ Mrs. Ahonen!


Welcome to take part in a “mini bin” workshop given by Finnish environmentalist Tuula-Maria Ahonen at Reykjavik’s Nordic House!

Tuula-Maria Ahonen is a journalist, social psychologist and founder of the “Litter Movement” that aims to inform on the impact of our tiniest actions in conserving our environment – the simple act of picking up one piece of litter a day. The Litter Movement’s Finnish Facebook page is followed by 6000 people and Mrs. Ahonen’s work has drawn national attention in the form of invitations to Finland’s Independence Day receptions, the most prestigious year-end Finnish event, by two different Presidents!

In a commemoration of the world environment day, Mrs. Ahonen will give a general overview about the history and mission of the Litter Movement, followed by a workshop in which participants decorate their own “mini bins.” These mini bins are tiny containers for storing small and harmful litter such as cigarette stumps, which can be put away safely while still burning.

The mini bins have been lauded for their simple yet effective style and use. They have a several year use span. Mrs. Ahonen has offered them for a variety of notable Finns, such as the former Minister of Environment Ville Niinistö (who ended up requesting bins for his own children as well!). The Litter Movement’s motto is “be the change that you wish to see in the world”, and we now have the perfect occasion to learn just how!

Mrs. Ahonen will give another workshop at the Mosfellsbaer Library the following day at 17:00. Please refer to the event’s Facebook page if interested.

The events are organised in collaboration with the Icelandic-Finnish Cultural Foundation.