Reykjavík Dance Festival in collaboration with The Nordic House presents:


12 am to 3 pm

RDF invites young people to an artistic gathering where the capacity of art to initiate change will be discussed, change in ourselves, in each other, in the society around us. The discussion will be inspired by local artists, this year: Ása Hjörleifsdóttir, Hugleikur Dagsson, Korkimon and Króli.

Listmundur is a space for young people to get inspired, think and express their thought on art and artmaking. A space to speak out loud and nurture dreams of the future.

Listmundur is an experiment to create a platform for the youth to discuss art and its possibilities. The event aims at archiving and mediating these ideas and to support and encourage their participation in social and civic life in general.

Listmundur will be held in the greenhouse of the Nordic House. Grill, walk and inspiration!

Listmundur is a part of the event The Teenager in Reykjavík, which is a program for by and with young people in Reykjavík., produced by Reykjavík Dance Festival.


Photo: Steve Lorenz

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