DesignMarch – Have you any Norwegian design icons in your possession?

10-17 Lokað á mánudögum

Everyone is invited to sit down and relax in the Norwegian lounge at the Nordic House during Design March. In this spot, you will learn a bit more about the story of Norwegian furniture pieces, which have been hidden treasures in Nordic design history.

The company Fjordfiesta launched a new production of pieces from this era, called Mid-century modern. During these years, Icelandic sailors and fishermen stopped by in Norwegian harbors, landed herring, and bought furniture which was brought home. Maybe you grew up with a Tandberg stereo, Falcon chairs, and tables from Bruksbo around you?

This exhibition is both a presentation of objects from Fjordfiesta and travel back in time. It is also the Norwegian contribution to Design March 2020.

 DesignMarch at The Nordic House