Letter from Iceland: Music by Johanna Sjunnesson and Mikael Lind


Johanna Sjunnesson and Mikael Lind brings us along on a musical journey of discovery through time and space with cello and electronic instruments in an ambient atmosphere. 

Johanna’s powerful cello tones are mixed with Mikael’s electro sound and together they create music inspired by modern Swedish pop music. During this concert we also get a live premiere of the Swedish-Icelandic duo’s new album Wave Cycles, which will be released in October.

The concert takes inspiration from the Linnaean disciple Daniel Solander’s expedition to Iceland 250 years ago, which is documented in the book “Letters”, where he shared his experiences of meeting the country and the people there. The music is composed with the sea and Iceland’s nature as a model. What did Solander hear and experience when arriving in Iceland?

We also get to hear “Arctic Ice” inspired by a polar expedition 150 years ago.

The concert is given in collaboration with the Swedish Embassy in Reykjavik, and this will be the finale of the Swedish-Icelandic brand year Solander250.

Support is also given by the Swedish-Icelandic fund and the Letterstedtska fund.