Sea Monsters – Art Jewellery in the foyer

This is an exhibition about our perception of nature. What do we see when it frightens us?

A long time ago when people went out at sea in small ships they saw terrible creatures. Sometimes these huge beasts would even attack and eat them. The ones that did manage to survive and made it back home again had amazing stories to tell.

Today we can see these sea monsters on old maps.

The Swedish jewellery artist Lena Lindahl has made jewellery art inspired of old maps and bestiaries. These creatures of our human fantasies have in her hands taken more friendly appearances. Like all fantasies, they tell us something about our selves.

Fantasy is also the ingredient in the jewellery made out of little samples of nature. Lena Lindahl has a Master of Fine Arts in jewellery and silversmithing. She is represented at the Swedish design museum and her jewellery art have been exhibited in many international art jewellery shows. Next month she will show her work at the exhibition of the European Prize for Applied Arts in Mons Belgium.