Classics in the Moorland – Katrine Gislinge


October 18th 8 pm at The Nordic House 

Wednesday 18 October Danish pianist Katrine Gislinge plays Impromptu Op. 90 nr. 2,3, and 6, by Franz Schubert, Sonata in the c-minor Op. 29 (Moonshine sonata) by Ludvig van Beethoven, and 6 Nocturnes by Bent Sørensen. Katrine has been one of Denmark´s most celebrated pianists for over twenty years, performing widely abroad and cooperating with international artists. She is a member of The Danish Piano Trio and performs with The Stenhammar Quartet. Katrine Gislinge and Bent Sørensen will introduce the program and the composer will talk about his work.

“Pianist finds hidden access to a beautiful parallel world” … “hypersensitive solo playing” – Politiken

“Katrine Gislinges piano playing
is full of fluency and sensitivity” – Gramophone

Schumann´s piano concert with Gustavo Dudamel
“Accuracy and poetry”

Bent Sørensen won the Nordic composer´s price in 1996. “His musical language is undeniable of the present day, both aesthetically and technically. The music does, however, appear to be pervaded with memories, the wisdom of experience and old dreams, of the inevitability of transition and parting. It is a flickering, glittering world where things seem to disappear at the slightest touch.”
– Karl Aage Rasmussen

Aalto bistro is open until 21.30 on Wednesdays. Admittance to the concert is kr. 2.500, kr. 1.500 for seniors and the disabled, free for students and guests under the age of twenty. Subscription to all five concerts is Ikr. 10.000 or 6.000. Tickets available on and at the entrance. The concert series Klassík í Vatnsmýrinni is organised in collaboration between the Icelandic Soloist Society and the Nordic House and places great emphasis on Scandinavian and international cooperation.