Kids in Jazz – Concert


Concert with Kids in Jazz at The Nordic House
February 3rd at 3 pm

Entrance is free – Welcome!

Performing from Iceland Eva (12 years old, piano), Guðrún Aisha (11 years old, clarinettist), Kári (13 years old, electrical guitar) og Oddur (14 years old, saxofon). From Norway,  Lina (12 years old, vibraphone), Aida (12 years old, contrabass) and Una (10 years old, drummer). From Japan playing Ayumi Tanaka (piano) with teacher Odd André El.

Kids in Jazz was initiated as a cooperation project, involving Improbasen, Sapporo Junior Jazz School, Nasjonal Jazzscene, Oslo Jazzfestival, and Barnas Jazzhus. Once established, the festival demonstrated an international need for a meeting place for the youngest jazz talents and their tutors. In 2013 more countries joined, including Austria, Ukraine and Japan.

In 2014 Kids in Jazz established a cooperation with the official organizations for jazz in Denmark (JazzDanmark) and Sweden (Svensk Jazz). Kids in Jazz 2014 presented several concerts featuring young performers from Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, Austria and Japan. In 2014 the founder of Kids in Jazz Odd André Elveland received the award Ella-prisen for his work with children and jazz.

The aim of the festival is to give children around the world an opportunity to develop their talent, by performing and by meeting other kids with the same passion for music. Many of the young talents presented to Kids in jazz are likely to be found in the next generation of international jazz performers.

Performing at The Nordic House is Lina (12 years), Aida (12 years) and Una (10 years). 

Nordisk kultuurfonds styrkir samstarfið.

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