Nordic House Jun 24th. Free entrance!

Fuglset Male Voice Choir was founded in 1944, at Bolsoey, a neighbouring municipality of Molde. Fuglset Male Voice Choir is the only male voice choir in town, and singers are recruited not only from Molde but also from neighbouring districts. There are 40 singers in the choir, the average age of the members is 59. But we have a really young and inspiring conductor in Kyrre Bjoerdal Saeter, who is educated at Liverpool School of Performing Arts.

But despite the age we are a choir of jolly guys enjoying the gift of singing. Frequently we are invited to sing at local concerts and cultural events in addition to our own permanent arrangements in our district. Not to boast but we are a fairly attractive male voice choir aiming at delivering a musical product of high quality in respect of our ardent audience!

In recent years the choir has been traveling abroad every year. Our motto is: “Sing well and have fun.”

We sing songs of different genres and styles, in Norwegian, English, Swedish and Zulu.

Fuglset Mannskor 2016