With inspiration from plants, plankton, flowers and leaves, The photos of INGUNN VESTBYS (NO) often refer to the prose of one course, where it is unclear whether something is about to be formed or dissolved. 

Her work is concerned with details, elements and processes in nature and the constant repetition and transformation that takes place in nature.

The design is abstract, often being a crossover between materials suchs as carpets and pictures, where Vestby embroiders on painted canvas. She also deals with photos being processed, enlarged and repeated.

Vestby is trained from the Copenhagen School of Applied Arts as well as Ny Carlsberg Glyptoteks Teaching School.
Over the last 30 years, she has worked actively as a visual artist, participating in various group exhibitions, biennales and triennials at home and abroad.

The exhibition opens on January 9th and runs until February 14th in The Black Box of The Nordic House.

Admission is free of charge.