15:15 The magic of the Saxophone-


15.15 Concert series at the Nordic house – The magic of the Saxophone.

Sunday April 24 th. The hour-long concert starts at 15.15 pm

Program: Works from Eiríkur Árni Sigtryggson, Astor Piazzolla, Henri Pousseur and Philip Glass. Premiere: Saxophone-quartet from the Icelandic composer Eiríkur Árni Sigtryggson

The Icelandic Saxophone Quartet has been working together as an ensemble since autumn 2006.  The group held their first concerts the same autumn after having received a grant to hold concerts in towns in Iceland. During the past years the quartet held f.x. concerts in the Nordic House in Reykjavík, in Harpa ConcertHall and Salurinn Concerthouse. The group has also played as a soloist with the Icelandic Chamberorchestra. The Icelandic Saxophone Quartet is the first and only currently-working classical saxophone quartet in the country.

The Icelandic Saxophone Quartet is a combination of the talents of:

Vigdís Klara Aradóttir on soprano saxophone

Sigurður Flosason on alto saxophone

Peter Tompkins on tenor saxophone

Guido Bäumer on baritone saxophone


Tickets are sold on www.tix.is and by the entrance.

Ticket price is 2000, but 1000 for elderly, disabled and students.