Children’s Book Festival with a Halloween Theme at the Nordic House


Come and enjoy an afternoon filled with children’s books and Halloween fun. The event takes place at the Nordic House on Sunday 28th of October between 2 pm and 4 pm. We encourage children (and all courageous adults) to attend in costume. All children will receive a book gift from Salka Publishing.



2 pm to 4 pm Skeleton Corner

Skeletons and Halloween share an unquestionable bond. So why not use the opportunity for some learning? Build the Human Body offers one of the coolest learning experiences around. Have fun while learning, and see the human body like never before through colourful illustrations, fascinating facts, and by building your very own human skeleton.

2 pm Scavenger Hunt

In The Atlas of Monsters and Ghosts of the World some of the most terrifying creatures ever known appear. And now the fill the halls of the Nordic House in an exciting scavenger hunt.

You will not only meet the classic ghost in shining armour or the terrible Dracula thirsting for blood but also amusing elves and monsters from any number of countries. All in all, you will take a journey around the world hunting for monstrous creatures, inside the Nordic House!

3 pm Book Reading

Kormákur is the protagonist of a brand new series of books for the youngest. Kormákur is determined to go his own way, whether it means wearing his shoes on the wrong feet or counting to infinity. The authors, Jóna Valborg Árnadóttir and Elsa Nielsen, will do a reading from two books from the series.

3:30 pm Book Reading

Lukka is an inventor that comes across an ancient and the powerful machine that will make its owner’s wildest ideas come true. Naturally, evil forces are interested in getting their hands on the machine and it comes down to Lukka and her brother, Jónsi, to stop them. Be sure not to miss this reading from the third and final book in the series of Lukka og hugmyndavélin, delivered by the author Eva Rún Þorgeirsdóttir.

All are welcome. Light refreshments will be served. Fun is guaranteed.