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No one meets someone by Peter Asmussen (org. title Ingen Møder Nogen) premieres March 12. at The Nordic House / Black Box. The Play is performed in Icelandic.

No one meets someone is a powerful, passionate and uncompromising play. Peter Asmussen is a language equilibrist who takes us on a beautiful and highly unsettling journey to the uncanny. In sixteen short scenes carried out with equally humorous, poetic and brutal encounters Asmussen investigates the relationship of A Man and A Woman who fight to maintain compassion, dignity and identity, when communication has lost its means.

The Nordic House in Iceland is co-producing the play, keeping Nordic literature at its heart. The Nordic House has a library representing Nordic literature and has been the home of the Reykjavík international literature festival.

Author: Peter Asmussen
Translator: Jon Atli Jonasson
Director. Simon Boberg
Cast: María Ellingsen and Björn Ingi Hilmarsson
Choreographer: Raisa Foster
Music: Andreas LJones
Set Designer: Snorri Freyr Hilmarsson
Lighting: Björn Gudmundsson Bergsteinn
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Please notice, due to the set of the play entrance can not be allowed after the show has started.
Wheelchair entrance is limited to two chairs. Please contact the reception for further information and to make a reservation. Tel: 5517030 eða á e-mail:

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