Exhibition: Animals No-One Has Seen Except Us

Exhibition Opening:  Thursday 11th of October at 16.00. Light refreshments and a guided tur by Mikaela Wickström from Nordic Culture Point


The exhibition ”Djur som ingen sett utom vi” (Animals No-One Has Seen Except Us) is based on the children’s picture book with the same title written by author Ulf Stark (SE) and illustrator Linda Bondestam (FI). The book was awarded the Snöbollen prize for the best Swedish picture book of the year in 2016 and won the Nordic Council Children and Young People’s Literature Prize in 2017. 

Bondestam’s original illustrations are shown in the exhibition. Both bigger and smaller paintings take us to a wonderful and peculiar world we have never seen before.

In the poems and paintings we meet the animals Bombom, Gulala and Dagling. The Nomadin is always travelling places because it thinks that everything is better further away. The Seagigant shows the deep-sea fish the sun it caught at sunset and Quinellan finds a friend in its reflection in the water. What does the Hibernate-animal dream of while hibernating? And what do the Waiting-animals actually wait for?

The animals come in all shapes and sizes. Some are happy, some are scared or shy. They live in their own fantasy world where no-one has seen them before. Or is it a world that is familiar to us?

The book and the exhibition is an experience for both children and adults. During the International Children’s Literature Festival Mýrin (In the Moorland) 11-14th of October, a guided tour, storytelling and an exciting workshop are organised in connection to the exhibition.

Djur som ingen sett utom vi (Animals No-One Has Seen Except Us) is owned by Nordic Culture Point in Finland and is produced by Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden. The exhibition has been shown in different culture centres in Finland and has now starting its tour abroad.