Baltic Countries’ Children´s Culture Festival: Rattle stick – Latvian Instrument workshop


Trejdeksnis is a Latvian percussion instrument that consists of a handle with small metal rattles hanging of the edge of the top. The trejdeksnis is used by shaking it, causing the metal discs to jingle. Traditionally they were used as signal instruments—to signal a wedding party’s arrival, for example—and also played to accompany dance music. In the workshop an instrument inspired by trejdeksnis will be created from recycled materials with sustainability and resourcefulness in mind and visitors also get the chance of seeing the original instrument.

Laima Ūdre is a designer with Bachelors’s and Master’s degree in fashion design. Laima Ūdre has a background in classical art disciplines working in the creative industry as a designer and a stylist in editorials and film sets. 

Photo credentials: Laima Ūdre 

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The workshop is for free!