Magical sounds of Dawda Jobrateh

Free entry

Join us on the 3rd of November to listen to the magical sound of
Dawda Jobrateh. 

Denmark-resident Gambian musician and composer Dawda Jobarteh is one of the biggest enrichments to the world music scene. He not only amplifies his instrument, the kora, a traditional WestAfrican harp and puts it through effects loops and distortion sounds to
transfer it masterfully into the here and now – as a wanderer between the cultural heritages of West Africa as well as Northern Europe he is equally at home in both worlds. Out of that background he skillfully creates a highly unique sound universe between folk and Afro-jazz from
two very different musical traditions, drawing on influences from two century-long historical cultures while still being firmly rooted in the modern age.

Guest performer: Sara Flindt

Listen here:


Starts at 18:30 to 19:30 

Free entry-all are welcome

ACCESSIBILITY: The event will be free of charge. The Auditorium and bathrooms are wheelchair-accessible and bathrooms are gender-neutral.

We’re in a learning process about access needs. If your access needs are not sufficiently met by the above provisions, please do reach out to and we can discuss how to best support your attending of this event.

In collaboration with Iceland Airwaves festival and supported by PULS.